The Most Iconic Kids Toys Since 1990


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Michelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo, and Raphael quickly found their way at the height of success following from their popular comics back in the 80s. These loveable characters had an animated series which soon followed on from the success of the comics, which is where their popularity sky rocketed.


Game Boy

The birth of the first hand held gaming device, which at the time was the most high-tech piece of kit for kids! At the time retailers highly underestimated the demand for the Game Boy, making it extremely difficult to get your hands on!


Super Soaker

Growing up in the 90s, there is a solid chance that you owned a super soaker. What made this toy so great was how simple filling up a water bottle and connecting it to a gun.


The Talkboy

If you’re a fan of Christmas and movies in the 90s you have definitely seen Home Alone. In the second block buster movie, Kevin McCallister gets the coolest toy ever, where he has the ability to record anything he wants and play it back. Which inevitably helps him!


Might Morphin Power Rangers

No kid growing up in the 90s could resist the Power Rangers. Having rised to fame in 1993, these action packed heroes were selling fast during Christmas and there ended up being a shortage in supply.


Beanie Babies

These famous collectables were first released in 1993, but only in 1995 did their popularity skyrocket to the top. The company who created Beanie Babies made certain creatures at different times and then would stop making them, making these bean-filled bears collectables.


Tickle Me Elmo

Elmo is well known for his distinctive laugh and in this case, it can get annoying. All kids had to do was tickle him to get the infectious Elmo laughter.

However, this toy didn’t just cause laughter, a lot of distress from parents fighting over this popular doll.



The Tamagotchi was a hand-held pet, which you had to feed, play with and take care of. The early versions of this game required constant attention otherwise the virtual pet would die.



These robotic talking creatures were oddly cute and creepy. They became so popular due to their interaction and having their own language. With blinking eyes and ears that wiggled, they skyrocketed to success.


Pokemon Cards

One of the biggest franchises of all time, established itself starting with the Game Boy release in 1996, then from its anime TV series to movies it grew in popularity.


Razor Scooters

The foldable, compact transportation to keep kids active and outdoors was a huge success in 2000. With millions of scooters sold it was named the toy of the year.


Bratz Dolls

The four dolls originally made up the group Bratz, their big heads and excessive make up with unique fashion trends made these dolls irresistible to kids. These dolls lead to success branching out into TV shows and movies.



This toy let you spin, spinning tops in a small plastic stadium where you would battle against other players with their spinning tops. This toy then led into competitions between kids.



The beginning of a futuristic world. This toy came pre-programmed with moves that were controlled by a remote control. He danced, picked things up and communicated with a robotic voice.


The Nintendo DS

The next hand-held game console, which had dual screens, one of which was touch screen. The DS has now become the best-selling hand-held system to date.


The Xbox 360

The follow up console from the Xbox, this time allowing users to connect to the internet to download games and play online with friends. This was an essential part for the industry.


The Nintendo Wii

For a second year in a row, a games console was the number one seller for the year. Nintendo’s follow-up console to the Gameboy. It was met with great success and earned its title for best hardware.


iPod Touch

When the iPod Touch was launched, it was known as the iPhone that wasn’t an iPhone. This hand-held device had all the apps an iPhone had just no cellular device.


“WALL-E” Toys

Disney once again had a smash hit with their animated film WALL-E so when the merchandise followed the film’s release, it is at no surprise that the toy was then a success during Christmas.


ZhuZhu Pets

This soft robotic hamsters were known as Go Go Hamsters in the UK, which became a huge hit during the Christmas season.


The iPad

Another success for Apple. The iPad was first released in April 2010, this iPad then went on to sell 15 million first gen iPads before the second generation was released.


The LeapPad Explorer

The portable tablet from learning company Leap Frog was designed for kids. Following from the iPad, this tablet was sturdier for kids to use and more affordable.


The Wii U

Nintendo’s Wii was such a success that Nintendo moved on and created the Wii U. This was to better compete with the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. It was a hit selling around 3 million units around Christmas time.


Tekno the Robotic Puppy

This robotic puppy was a success, it came in multiple colours and instead of a remote it could be controlled on tablets.


“Frozen” Dolls

One of Disney’s biggest successes, Frozen it dominated the box office and toy market. With endless different dolls, Olaf teddies and more.


The “Star Wars” BB-8 Toy Droid

Following on another box office success Star Wars The Force Awakens the new loveable droid, BB-8. There is no surprise that this toy on its first day of release was sold out. Controlled by an app that you can download on your phone, made this droid the number one must have.



This robotic owl, hatches itself out of its egg. Making these incredibly popular for kids during the Christmas season. The demand was so high, making this the number one toy of 2016.

Any thoughts on what could be the number one toy for 2017?

Written by Chloe Minette

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