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Anti-bullying Programs – What Works and What Doesn’t? With studies researching anti-bullying programs showing inconsistent results, parents and schools alike should continue to work together to face increasing concerns about school-based bullying. Through effective and ineffective program comparisons, anti-bullying advocates cay take the first step in defeating this very old problem flourishing in U.S. schools. What Makes an Ineffective Anti-bullying Program? Schools that treat harassment and continuous teasing as “ordinary” childhood behavior create a climate in which negative peer relationships grow. Ineffective programs give room for varied interpretations in terms of “girls just being girls” and “boys just being boys.”
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One of the most perilous flaws in current anti-bullying practice places the responsibility on the victims to advance their needs and face up to bullies. By encouraging victims to stand up to bullies, educators, and even parents, are indirectly saying that the victims’ problems are a result of their own social deficiencies. Moreover, this kind of focus may actually endanger the victims.
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Ineffective anti-bullying programs are only focused on individual incidents of bullying. To address the causes of bullying, schools need to start a school culture of acceptance and tolerance. Add to that, most bullying incidents will happen right under the nose of school staff. Quite scary, but because it is impossible to “be everywhere” and “see everything,” options for intervening in all bullying situations are limited. Educators have to be firm and consistent when implementing anti-bullying policies. When the entire institution does not unite against school bullying, students will always find places to bully other students emotionally and physically. What Makes an Effective Anti-bullying Program? Effective anti-bullying programs aim at the whole school environment instead of just particular peer interactions. Such programs do not just teach proper communication and positive social leadership styles, but even go to the extent of remodeling school hallways and classrooms in ways that encourage a sense of community and acceptance among students. Many programs are specifically designed for school climates ripe for bullying and negative behavioral influences. An effective program makes use of supports and strategies at all fronts – from students and classrooms to anti-bullying teams of which educators and students are members. Some of the best school-based bully prevention programs use a systemic approach, focusing on all level components, from community to individual to classroom to school. In supportive programs, bullies will be isolated. They have zero tolerance for bullying and harassment, with punishments clearly spelled out for those who will commit such offenses. Among the most critical, and usually underrepresented, parts of the anti-bullying puzzle centers around domestic and school partnerships. To eradicate bullying, parents and educators should both be consistent against negative peer interactions, and there should be increased communication with parents in the school’s actions against bullying incidents.

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Qualities That Separate Great Criminal Defense Attorneys from the Rest

It’s no secret that among all types of lawyers, those who specialize in criminal defense are the most hated.The hate is brought by the fact that they make a living out of defending the rights of accused criminals, whether they’re guilty or not. In the public eye, they are viewed with scorn, but it doesn’t mean they’re evil.

In the American justice system, everyone has the right to a fair trial, whatever the circumstances are. For defense attorneys, this is a constitutional right that they are responsible of securing.

Sadly though, not everyone is committed and skilled enough to represent their clients in court. Well in fact, there are many of them out there who’s just doing it for the money.
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So the biggest question for those looking for a criminal defense attorney is how to separate the best one from the rest? The way to do that is by determining which qualities they should have.
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1 – Top negotiating skills

While most people are looking at a defense attorney who is very aggressive, one thing you actually need more from this person is the ability to negotiate in your behalf, the purpose of which is to avoid going to trial. But this quality shouldn’t be confused with the inability or inexperience of the lawyer in trial court since it’s more on having to explore all other options available for you. And yes, even in criminal defense, you need a lawyer who does not instantly come out with guns blazing since many legal cases can be settled with the need of an actual trial.

2 – Integrity

Integrity is something that every lawyer out there must have and anyone who loses it has no right to practice law. Integrity in this perspective implies that the defense attorney must be honest with his or her clients from the very beginning of the relationship, and honesty means disclosing everything to the client, including that of the progress of the case as well as the possible outcome.

3 – Deep perseverance

There’s no way a criminal defense attorney will become successful in the practice without perseverance. It means that this individual must be an expert in figuring out all the possibilities in the case, including the avenues to pursue in order to win it for his or her client. This even includes pursuing every single opportunity to win the judge and the jury as soon as the case reaches the court.

4 – Knowledge

Lastly, look for a criminal defense attorney who comes equipped with an extensive knowledge of criminal law. If you want to avoid having to spend the rest of your life in prison, make sure that you hire a criminal defense attorney who comes with extensive knowledge of the criminal law and justice system, because if you fail in this endeavor, you will not only waste your money on someone incompetent, you also will be ridding yourself of the chance to practice your right to freedom.

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Choosing a Trusty Moving Labour Company

It can be extremely difficult to choose the perfect moving company for you. There is a continuous growth in the number of startup companies, majority of which are quite unreliable or simply can’t meet with the demands of clients. When you move from one place to the next, the whole process can be incredibly stressful and moving labour companies should make the whole experience easier and not turn it into a traumatising event. Never choose the first moving labour company that seems alright, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before finalising your choice.

Keep an Eye on the Legality Claims

Tons of moving labour companies focus the spotlight on their so called ‘legality’, that’s basically all they mention about in their advertisement. Ironically, many of those kinds of moving labour companies tend to slightly blend the line dividing unethical and ethical practices. Keep in mind that any legal issues faced by a company, or is currently facing, will never be disclosed with a client.
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If you notice, established companies don’t go on and on about how legal they are, they just are. In just about any industry out there, identity theft has become a real concern and the only real way to protect yourself as a client is to stay informed. In order to check if a moving labour company has solid history, to a simple online search with the Better Business Bureau.
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Being Informed About ‘Movers Insurance’

Almost all moving labour companies would go on and on about providing movers insurance, it’s not enough that they would provide one, they should need to thoroughly discuss it with their clients. It happened more often than not when the company’s representative won’t exactly go into detail regarding the coverage of the insurance or what it is exactly. Quite frankly, the only movers insurance provided by a moving labour company that you need to concern yourself about is the care and custody insurance as well as the liability insurance. These insurances would make sure that all the belongings being transported are being protected and handled with the utmost care. Finally, any document related to the insurance should be presented to the client for their own review.

Knowing the Ability of the Moving Labour Company

Varying states will have different laws and restrictions regarding moving labour companies; these will limit the services offered by certain moving labour companies. Let’s have an example, if a state would not allow their moving labour company to drive a rental truck then the client would basically need to drive the truck themselves or bring their own truck.